Creating the right impression can help your career and your work environment.

Creating the right impression in your workplace is vital if you want to make progress in your career. Not only will it help you get on in your own company, but it will ensure that when you decide to move on, your chances of receiving a good reference are greatly improved.

You're the key to your own success. There are many different ways in which you can develop yourself.
Don't always rely on your employer for in-house training. Use your own initiative and find out about external training – that will go a long way with your employer.
Know your industry inside and out, read the trade press, look at relevant websites and talk shop with colleagues. You will be more confident in the workplace if you can prove your knowledge and understanding in practice.
Progression in your career doesn't always mean moving jobs. Working your way up through a company looks good on any CV and creates the right impression for prospective employers.

<B>Your outward appearance</b>
People often perceive others by what they wear and their general demeanour. It is important to dress the part for your job – if you dress as a professional, you will be seen as a professional.
If you have a positive mental attitude you will get further in your career. People don't want to work with those who create a negative atmosphere. To rise up the ranks you must appear to be motivated – and the best way of doing this is to be motivated! You will enjoy your job more if you have motivation, and enthusiasm is a good way of ensuring you get noticed.

Know your industry inside and out, read trade presses, look at relevant websites and talk shop with colleagues

Working in any industry, respect is gained by knowledge, experience and trust. People will always respect the colleagues who try to both help and guide them in the workplace and who are also willing to listen to their ideas and solutions to problems and respond in a constructive manner.

Set yourself targets in the workplace and reward yourself once these have been achieved. This will not only motivate you but also help you achieve more than was expected. Don't just look at the short term, as long-term goals are as important. See where you want to be in five years' time and search for routes that will lead you to reach that place.
Don't be unrealistic with your goals, as this will only lead to disappointment and then despondency.

<B>Be social</b>
If you wish to progress in your company, it is important to take part in your business' social activities. Work events are one way to bond with fellow colleagues and to become part of the team. This is especially important in today's climate where there is an increasing emphasis on team players. Also, it is a great opportunity to make friends in your workplace, which will result in a more rewarding work environment for you.