Victoria Madine talks to Liz Emeny of services engineer Rybka about her new forum for young professionals in the built environment
What is Young Entrepreneurs in Property about, and why do we need it?
The co-founders of the group – myself, Georgia Elliott-Smith of consultant Franklin + Andrews and Clare Bundock of Bauencorp Architects – feel that, although many networking groups exist within the property industry, there is nothing to cater specifically for the 20-30 age group. YEP is based on the concept of a networking club, but everyone should be able to relax and have fun. They are not trying to impress the chairman of the board, but meet their peers in other organisations to swap market intelligence and opportunities. It will be a non-profit making, non-membership forum held bi-monthly in funky venues around London for up to 100 people.

Who exactly is YEP aimed at?
YEP is aimed specifically at tomorrow's chief executives – young people within the industry who have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to meet like-minded others to network, share ideas, gain information and get the support and encouragement they need to develop personally and professionally. Invitees will be ambitious, but not yet at director level, and from all disciplines within the built environment.

What will you offer at the meetings?
One of the key aims of YEP is to be educational. We will be inviting interesting, topical speakers to address the forum and facilitate discussion groups on topics that could range from the effect of public transport in London on the property industry, to issues surrounding the construction of high-rise office buildings post-11 September. Results of the discussions will be published on our website and used in press releases.

They are not trying to impress the chairman of the board, but meet their peers to swap market intelligence and other opportunities

To encourage networking, we will draw up forum "welcome groups", specially chosen to contain a good mix of disciplines, and put them in touch with one another a week before the event. Someone from each group will arrive early and welcome the rest of their group.

In this way, everyone will arrive knowing someone and networking is encouraged from the outset.