Castlemore’s Waverley Gate development in Edinburgh has been awarded an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), placing it in the top 11% of sustainable commercial buildings in the UK.

The C-rated building is a new structure which utilises existing Victorian facades and consumes up to 30% less energy than other buildings of its kind, while generating 30% lower carbon emissions and 50% more fresh air, in part thanks to the chilled beam technology in place, eliminating the need for air conditioning.

Speaking to BSJ online Nigel Crump, spokesman for Waverley Gate developers Castlemore, said: “We’re delighted about the rating, because it just confirms what we’ve been saying all along about the building. We always believed it had potential.

“The award of the EPC at this grade will make people realise that here is a building that represents a definitive step to creating a greener world. It cost a bit more but the benefits it delivers, we think, are worth it.”

The building is claimed to save up to £24m over a 20-year lease period, with service charges at around two thirds of the cost of traditional office buildings.

The Waverley Gate’s first tenant will be Microsoft, with more parties currently in talks to take “substantial” amounts of office space.

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