Chris Partridge

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    Black boxes


    Phones that work anywhere in the world (except indoors), cloth keyboards, cameras for budding spies and a mobile you can use to hammer nails … What will they think of next?

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    Speed freaks


    With sports-car looks and plenty of oomph beneath the bonnet, the latest gadgets will set pulses racing. Pay up, plug in and prepare to roar down the information superhighway.

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    World of gizmos


    Love it or hate it, you have to admit that technology does produce some cool little shiny things. Here’s our guide on how to be the envy of your office or site.

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    One step up from a network, an intranet can reduce paperwork and improve communication. But it needs care and attention if it is to become the office best friend.

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    Disco inferno


    Burning in your own CD-ROMs is now fast, idiot-proof and completely affordable, thanks to the latest CD writing technology.

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    Remote control


    With infrared ports connecting hardware instead of cables, and a radio-wave system called Bluetooth about to let your palmtop ask your fridge what's for dinner, communication is coming of age.