On 15 August CIBSE will launch its third annual carbon reduction initiative – with an emphasis this year on energy certification

CIBSE aims to open up its carbon reduction project to a wider range of people this year, getting even more buildings involved and raising awareness about the simple actions and preparations that can be done to make complying with energy certification easier.

Organisations will pledge 100 hours of staff time to specific energy-reducing activities. These endeavours will be logged on the campaign website, allowing participants to follow their progress via a time card.

Many of the carbon-reduction actions suggested in the campaign are designed to prepare a building and its occupiers for getting a display energy certificate (DEC) or energy performance certificate (EPC), for which data gathering is vital.

The value of expert advice

The fun of the campaign – with themed days, events, posters and stickers – is accompanied by a serious message. The initiative aims to get people interested in carbon saving, waking them up to the significance of building services in making a property more energy efficient and emphasising the value of obtaining expert industry advice.

Learning modules and CPD

Participants will have access to several free learning modules, which will provide an opportunity to engage people at all levels within a company to encourage a comprehensive approach to reducing carbon emissions.

Learning modules will vary from simple clean-up activities to more complex, technical information, in order to appeal to the wide-ranging status of companies and individuals expected to sign up to the campaign.

The modules will be offered online as well as through face-to-face activity and some will be certified to count as CPD. The online material, which will be housed on the campaign website, will include a detailed module on how to go about collecting the data necessary for producing a DEC and an EPC.

Low Carbon Performance Awards

Participants will be able to enter the 2009 Low Carbon Performance Awards and share their success stories. The awards will take place on 4 February, 2009, at the Grosvenor House Hotel as part of the CIBSE annual dinner. Certain categories will also be open to CIBSE low carbon consultants and low carbon energy assessors. Further details on the awards and categories coming soon.

How to sign up from 15 August

Visit www.100hours.co.uk to register for the campaign and set up your personal log-in details. Once signed up you can choose which activities to add to your time card, depending on which areas you would like to focus on, and ensure that all your hard work is logged on the way to the 100-hour target.


I would like to thank CIBSE for the opportunity of participating in the 2007 scheme. Communication has been key. The campaign highlighted just how much staff enthusiasm and commitment and small subtle changes to working practices add up to significant carbon savings.

Jonathan Goodman, sustainable development manager, Maritime and Coastguard Agency