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    Good news on the planning front – rejections fall and applications for new homes rise


    The data published today on planning applications on the face of it should provide house builders and their suppliers with some comfort. The figures show that in the final quarter of last year the number of planning decisions for major residential developments – those with 10 or more homes – ...

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    Forecasts point to a tough and risky road ahead for construction


    The latest Experian forecast is out today and it paints a broadly similar, albeit slightly more optimistic, picture to that of the recently released forecast from the Construction Products Association . The main point of departure is on the views towards housing. Here the Experian forecasters are more bullish, ...

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    Signs of life for housing?


    This week has seen the release of data from CLG, covering the second quarter’s housing starts, and CML, providing the latest data on mortgage lending. Both have seen sharp increases. Housing starts in England during the second quarter of 2009 were 63% higher than in 2009 Q1 following the high ...