I was interested in Colin Harding's letter to John Prescott and that of Brian Law regarding the CDM Regulations (4 June, Letters, page 34).
I have been in planning supervision for two years and have welcomed the opportunity to contribute to the mitigation of some of the excesses perpetrated by the architectural profession. Change has to come from within but the problem is that those within come with a great deal of baggage. Those who are independent are few and the chances of them succeeding are fewer.

Legislation is needed to compel people to do things that they would not otherwise do. But legislation is not enough on its own. It needs good, like-minded practitioners to enforce it in spirit as well as in word.

The perversity that currently prevails sees CDM as an additional cost rather than an opportunity for improvement. The whole industry is strewn with similar examples, the worst of which is the adversarial nature of contracting. The great sadness to me is that the real solution lies several eons down the evolutionary road.