As Tony has so well described over the past eight years or so, the original idea of the adjudicator being only an enhanced QS/architect/engineer has really gone by the board and there is now a requirement for a proficient handling of matters of law while under pressure.

Unfortunately, many of the originally empanelled adjudicators were there because the job would only involve valuation and so on, as carried out in their day jobs. They would never have applied if they had realised that it would be like arbitration on ice skates!

The problem of under-qualified adjudicators cannot be resolved by further (very expensive) training. First, the inappropriate must be removed and a reassessment of panels made. We cannot rely on panel members to retire if the going gets too tough. adjudication has turned into a very good earner, particularly for those members of panels who keep a low profile to ensure a high level of appointments for the chosen few.