Your article “Does the industry still need Women in Property?” (8 June, page 54) fails to address the fact that in construction, barriers still exist for those who don’t fit the mould.

Women in Property and other networking groups are invaluable in providing support, identifying barriers to employment and enabling professions to be better balanced.

The RICS set up the Raising the Ratio (RTR) taskforce more than five years ago to help identify barriers to recruitment and retention. Uniquely, RTR’s activities are aimed at men as well as women and its research includes responses from both genders.

It’s about making sure that employers fish from the widest possible pool. In chartered surveying, women now make up 30% of those entering the profession. When RTR was formed, 10% of the worldwide workforce were women, now it’s 15% – so the RTR is making progress. Our next task is to identify barriers facing those who had to cease practising for family reasons and now wish to return.

Jonathan Harris, chairman, RICS Raising the Ratio taskforce