The contractor carried out work in respect of the claimant’s property. The works were completed and a final certificate was issued on 11 March 2005. The contract was based on the JCT standard form 1998 edition private without quantity. On 6 April the defendant served a notice of adjudication. On 13 April they applied to the RIBA for the nomination of an adjudicator. The adjudicator was nominated on 14 April.

The claimant argued that the matters under contract had been finally resolved because the final certificate provided was “conclusive evidence”. All matters under the contract had been resolved. The exception at clause 30.9.3 was that it was not conclusive evidence in respect of matters that were the subject of proceedings pursuant to the dispute resolution clauses.

The claimant’s main point was that the first notice of adjudication had been served within the time period, but was ineffective and so the defendant was relying upon a second notice of adjudication that had been served after the 28-day period.