I have read the five proposals in your Reform the Regs manifesto (17 March) and I wholeheartedly agree with them.

I would like to go further and say that I believe the government is causing too much time, resources and effort to be concentrated on new buildings and is not giving sufficient attention to current building stock. What assistance, coercion, guides or grants are being applied to measuring and improving the energy performance of existing buildings? Isn't it the case that buildings of five years and older account for more than 99% of UK buildings' energy consumption?

Beyond that, what resources are left in the UK to lobby the world's worst offenders in the "irresponsible" use of energy - for example, the USA? There's not a great deal of benefit to the world if the UK improves by a small amount, while many nations devour resources at an unsustainable rate and pump out high levels of undesirable emissions.

Austen Evans, technical manager, strategic projects, Interserve Project Services