Thank you for recently bringing to our attention the existence of the Graduate Talent Pool website (29 January, page 32)

We were in the middle of recruiting a trainee CDM co-ordinator and also two trainee asbestos surveyors. We wanted to look at graduate recruitment and were not too sure where to start but after reading your editorial we decided to place our vacancies on the website you mentioned ( We have since recruited three excellent trainees who all accepted offers from us this week.

I thought you may be interested in our actual figures, and the relevant stats are as follows:

  • Trainee asbestos surveyors: 288 views from 76 registered users
  • Trainee CDMC: 311 views from 106 registered users
  • Total applications received: 32

Although we are paying a salary to the successful applicants the website is aimed at internships and it was surprising that many of the applicants would have worked for free, such was their eagerness for employment.

The quality of the candidates was high and it would be a pity if these talented individuals were lost to the industry, which they soon will be unless the economy picks up.

Andrew Newsham, chief executive, Eurosafe UK