How will the general public have self-build loans approved with no experience of construction projects?


Further to your story “Shapps’ self-build push ‘no panacea’ for housing crisis” (17 May,, I built my own house two years ago. No self-build mortgages were available. I got a bridging loan on the back of assets I had, which was fine. I had an industry hat on and that was the reaction.

I cannot see how the general public will have self-build loans approved with no experience of the delivery of construction projects. A role exists for self-build delivery consultants who also provide the finance.

To say the number of mortgage providers has risen by 141% is politic for saying from two providers to five, which is a joke. There are no initiatives to promote do-it-yourself dentistry or plastic surgery for amateurs but society thinks self-build housing is easy.

Shapps is lucky to be an MP as no-one else would employ him based on his record as housing minister. I predict he will be gone in six months.

Patrick Murdock, via