As stated in your recent article “Betrayal of trust” (15 May, page 34), NICEIC does have some sympathy with Mr Arrowsmith’s situation

The NICEIC is the leading voluntary regulatory body for electricians and as such our remit extends only to electrical installations, not entire building projects. We are 100% committed to helping ensure excellent standards of electrical work by our approved contractors.

We take every complaint about a contractor seriously and this case is no exception. We have met our obligations every step of the way, from setting up mediation between the two parties regarding the electrical element of the project to making safe the incomplete electrical work in Mr Arrowsmith’s property. We have also gone one step further and offered to complete the electrical work at our own expense when the building project is finished.

Cases such as this are, fortunately, extremely rare. However they do serve to remind all contractors and consumers of the importance of having a proper contract in place before any work begins.

NICEIC’s offer of help is still there for Mr Arrowsmith should he choose to take it.

Emma McCarthy, chief operating officer, NICEIC