I couldn't agree less with the articles "Edge of darkness" and "Seconds to midnight" (26 May, pages 26-27 and 32-34). As Amory Lovins said recently, "If nuclear power is the answer, then you've asked the wrong question".

Sizewell B cost £3bn in 1993, so it is extremely optimistic to assume that the proposed new generation of reactors will cost the same. As energy analyst Walt Patterson states, the only low-cost nuclear power station is the estimate before building is commenced.

When James Lovelock talks of Britain as a surviving island utilising nuclear power, how does he propose that we import the uranium? Furthermore as most of our nuclear stations utilise sea-water cooling they will be the first to be affected by rising sea levels.

Gus Alexander and Brian Mulholland are correct: nuclear power is a dangerous and wasteful diversion in our attempts to tackle climate change.

Brian Edwards, chartered building services engineer