The trainee Costain QS can see the benefits of working abroad but would rather stay here in the UK

There are many articles that exalt working abroad, and it is easy to see the attraction with benefits such as a change of culture, increased work opportunities and off course better weather often cited. Many locations also don’t even require you having to learn another language!

I only need look as far as my fellow students to find a gamut of enthusiasm toward working abroad. Many of them did so during their industrial placements, working in countries ranging from Canada and the US, Egypt and Australia.

External secondments can be great for personal development

One of these placements was even secured having met a contact in a bar. Let it never be said you shouldn’t mix business and pleasure!

Quantity surveying is a truly global profession and thanks to globalisation, the world has never seemed smaller.

External secondments can be great for personal development, and taking this opportunity abroad could be a chance to gain a greater insight into the industry while also acquiring your culture fix.

This opportunity exists within where I work in Costain within its global supply chain. And depending upon your area of expertise, the firm provides opportunities in Europe and the Middle East.

Personally, however, it would take some persuading for me to move abroad due to the wealth of opportunity right here in the UK. Huge investment is required in a wide range of areas from energy to infrastructure and for that reason I’d be inclined to stay here.