I’ve just finished reading “The burning of the bodies” (24 September, page 24) and have an overwhelming urge to endorse the idea of an institute for the built environment.

I’m a project manager in the building sector and draw benefits from such a wide array of institutions that I feel I need a database to keep track. However, this has led me to my current career development problem. Which institute, if any, will give me the most appropriate professional qualification?

I have a degree in civil and structural engineering and a masters in construction management, hence I started my career as a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers. As my project management role developed, I left the institute because its body of knowledge had become less relevant. I looked to join the RICS as a specialist project manager but learned I must complete a further accredited degree course.

I could join the Chartered Institute of Building but feel that I require a broader body of knowledge, as I currently manage projects from the client side. Consequently, I am considering joining the Association of Project Managers.

A great solution to all this would be an institute for the built environment that allows members to develop their careers through fields that are currently deemed to be specialist. Please keep reporting this issue; it needs pushing.

Tom Hodson, via email