I read with interest your article on the BBC’s attack on UK construction (5 March, page 9)

You note that MediaCityUK was “built on time and £76m under budget”. This is true insofar as it refers to the BBC’s specific budgeting plans. Unfortunately, in the context of the story, it implies that the BBC’s buildings at MediaCityUK are developed and owned by the BBC. They are not.

MediaCityUK is a £500m private development by Peel Media, a division of Peel Holdings, and will incorporate a wide variety of occupiers beyond the BBC North headquarters. The BBC has a long-term lease agreement with Peel Media for its premises and will also use the HD studio facilities operated by Peel. Peel’s strong partnership with the BBC has ensured that key delivery schedules are being met and we are delighted they will be based at Salford Quays from 2011.

David Glover, construction director, The Peel Group