That Viridor could be classed as green or incineration portrayed as renewable energy is laughable (Green energy firm to appeal Oxfordshire planning decision, 4 January,

There is nothing green about incineration. The only reason most waste ends up in landfill and is classed as “non-recyclable” is because it is not sorted for recycling.

Incineration undermines recycling efforts in any area where it is classed as a solution, polluting our environment and placing an unnecessary risk on our health. Energy gained from the process is less than would be gained from investment in recycling.

Mechanical biological treatment with anaerobic digestion recovers far more energy without the pollution and puts the investment back into the economy in the form of jobs and recovered resources, unlike incineration, which is expensive, provides only a small number of jobs for the size of the investment, and results in at least 25% ash, which usually ends up in landfill, massive CO2 and NO2 emissions, dioxins and more.

Viridor plans to fill our country with incinerators with long contracts in its quest to make money. Future generations will pay the price as irreparable damage it done.

Oxfordshire council makes a brave and wise move to turn down this application. I hope the decision stands, and that Devon council will show the same honesty in assessing their own Viridor incinerator planning application.

Frankie Dolan, via