In reference to the recent article on Southall Gasworks and the appointment of Make Architects as the new masterplanner (9 February, page 15), Castlemore wishes to clarify that URBED’s plans have not been “ditched” in the way inferred in the article.

The decision to replace URBED was not related to Ealing council’s objections to the number of homes or a lack of public transport. The replacement of URBED coincided with a new leadership at Ealing and additional land potentially becoming available. This led to a rethink on design and basic principles.

Much of the work undertaken by URBED remains valid and continues to have relevance in the new scheme. In negotiations, the Greater London Authority was satisfied with the general progress made. We are in constructive dialogue with Ealing council and the GLA and we are looking forward to taking the scheme forward in the next few months.

Castlemore has an ongoing relationship with URBED on schemes including Bristol Temple Quay and Sheffield West Bar. We have the highest confidence in URBED’s experience, expertise and skills.

Keith Fenwick, planning manager, Castlemore