The prima donna architects who hurl abuse at Prince Charles (most recently regarding his Chelsea Barracks intervention) ought to have a very careful read of the excellent articles written by Ike Ijeh in Building (page 12) and Camilla Cavendish in The Times, both published on 2 July

Ms Cavendish wrote that the Richard Rogers’ design for Chelsea Barracks was “like a sixties council estate with manicured lawns”. Dead right.

If the lofty architects are not impressed by the obvious intelligence and eloquence of Mr Ijeh and Ms Cavendish, I suggest they take a look at the Wonders & Blunders section in Building (page 20).

On 2 July, Eamonn Holmes chose the classical Stormont parliament as his “wonder” and the modern Trafford House as his “blunder”. Holmes may not have been making an entirely fair comparison but it was one most people would understand and sympathise with. Most people, that is, except certain architects.

Christopher Linnett