With reference to the Durapipe UK letter (25 July, page 30), copper continues to be the dominant plumbing material in the UK because of its reliability and durability and the fact that it can be used for all building services pipework.

Copper products are size-compatible regardless of who made it, and can be used in a single system. This is not always the case for plastics.

With copper, contractors can make use of a range of jointing options: soldering, brazing and compression fittings, as well as modern push-fit and press-jointing techniques.

At the end of a building’s life, copper plumbing materials is 100% recycled using well-established routes, with no loss in properties. Can the same be said of plastics?

Copper plumbing can be 100% recycled, with no loss in properties. can the same be said for plastics?

Jack Wallace

Recent research on behalf of a copper tube maker found that most plumbing installers prefer copper over plastic for new-build projects. Why should the plumbing industry perform a “complete industry shift” to plastics when copper is justifiably the plumber’s preferred material?

Jack Wallace, chairman, UK Copper Board