The myth of the industry ‘single voice’ is behind us - but now how will smaller contractors get their message across?


The actions of the UKCG prove beyond any reasonable doubt that self-interest is the driving force behind any lobbying (“UKCG kills hopes for industry’s ‘single voice’”, 21 November,

At least the myth of the “industry single voice” is now consigned to history. The question now is how smaller and regional contractors and their subcontractors are going to get their message across - who’s going to have to get into bed with whom? Will the National Federation of Builders and the Federation of Master Builders have to resurrect their courtship to find an audience? Trade federation voyeurs may be in for some fun as the dish tries to run away with the spoon!

Stephen Ratcliffe and his contractors may just have provided the conditions that will see a significant shift in construction trade federations representing SMEs.

Alistair McHarg, via