Tony Bingham’s article on the National Specialist Contractors Council (NSCC) payment toolkit brought to mind the phrase “Eureka!” (7 September, page 56).

I hope it gets used, because the shrinking number of specialists willing to work for main contractors need to know they will be paid for their labours. And main contractors need to know they can trust and do repeat business with their specialists.

We all know that wriggling out of fair payment is the coward’s route to profit. So, if specialists and main contractors can trust each other to do the work right and pay up, everyone wins.

I’d like to see a time when the toolkit is seen in the same light as the flintlock rifle – something that had its day, but is no longer relevant. But for now, it’s vital in ensuring proper, prompt payment.

The toolkit is just part of the NSCC’s Fair Payment Campaign (which my association was instrumental in bringing about). Visit for details.

There are also meetings on 10 October and 4 March. I expect to see some main contractors in the audience. Fake moustaches and beards optional.

Simon Forrester, chief executive, Association of Interior Specialists