Your article of “Why we are not Dubai” (17 April, page 32) took many of my comments out of context.

The net result was a piece that suggested my strong support of the Abu Dhabi real estate sector was somehow coupled with a critical view of the Dubai market. This is categorically not correct and I would like to clarify my position.

The growth of real estate in Dubai has been a fantastic story of vision, ambition and delivery. The current global downturn has clearly had an effect, as it has on every other real estate market in the world – but the long term fundamentals remain solid and it will recover positively.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are members of the United Arab Emirates, and any “competition” between the two exists only in the imaginations of outside commentators. There is great mutual support and complementary strength between them, as there is with the other members of the Emirates.

Gurjit Singh, chief property development officer, Sorouh