Just when we thought the Jurassic period was over, another dinosaur rears its head! Does Michael Brown (23 March, page 34) not realise that the world has changed and that the skills of cost consultants and quantity surveyors have never been more in demand? The market wants effective management of costs and QSs are trained to do this.

Does he not realise that his own institution’s members are increasingly knocking on our door to procure our services on delivering capital and whole-life costs? Does he not realise that the QSs have helped implement partnering, supply-chain management, integrated teams and trust?

Why criticise the RICS when they are doing what they can to alleviate a skills shortage in this country by securing the talents of the world’s best candidates post-qualification?

What is the Chartered Institute of Building doing about the lack of good managers? I’m sure Michael Brown doesn’t speak for all his members. Perhaps he could take guidance from his president – a QS, if I’m not mistaken!

Francis Ives, chairman, Cyril Sweett