The story: “Ken Shuttleworth reveals landmark City project” - 6 June 2007

What you thought

John This would be design at its best!

Duncan Doenought WOW! Awesome building. Looks like the best to hit London in years.

Richard Green This will get the whole world talking about Make.

Ken This is an interesting sculptural form that has potential. However, in a dense urban environment like this one, the key to great design will be how the building interfaces with the street and pedestrian way. From these aerial views, there is no indication that the architect has established a remarkable solution there. The only element of interest is the cyclonic bowl of a main entry.

Ken Shuttleworth It’s very pleasing to see such favourable comments. Over the past two years we, with our clients, have worked very closely with Peter Rees and his team at the City of London to create a special response to such a sensitive location. We’re absolutely delighted that it has such broad appeal among your readers. It makes us feel all the effort has been worthwhile.