Surely we have to get back to real basics now (“Industry left waiting on housing and BSF,” 25 June, page 10)

Design it, build it, sell it, make profit.

The building industry is one of the main manufacturing supply chain generators.

We all know that, don’t we? So let’s get on with it now. At last we have a framework to operate in over the next five years. It’s not brilliant but at least we now know the constraints.

The main point is: what do we build? What do we need now and how can we build in a sustainable way? Let’s start with town centres, urban regeneration, new tubes and rail, local metros and trams, good homes for sale and rent, inner-city redesign, covered high streets, easier airport connections.

Our measure should not just be how well or how badly companies perform or who bought who or small one man bands versus the big foreign-owned consortiums but should focus on what needs a good revamp.

Steve Townsend