A cautionary tale for QSs contemplating a name change, Libeskind breaks into the movies and why you should never add water to your alcohol

Davis the writer …
“Hello, Building.”

“Yes, I’d like to speak to Davis please.”

“I’m sorry, we don’t have anyone by that name.”

“You have got a Davis on the staff.”

“Davis who?”

“Davis Langdon, he wrote the cost model on sports stadiums.” Oh dear. Surely this would have never have occurred if the consultant had stuck with its Davis Langdon & Everest moniker.

… and Libeskind, the film critic
It’s been a run of bad luck for showbiz architect Daniel Libeskind. He’s in legal dispute with Larry Silverstein, the World Trade Centre leaseholder, over unpaid fees. And his wacky design for the Victoria & Albert Museum has failed to impress the guardian of lottery cash last month. At least one thing in his diary is more certain. He’s curating a season of films at the Barbican in London in September. Rumours that he’ll start with Mission Impossible are yet to be confirmed.

Softball for hard men
Terry Farrell must be a proud man. Not only is he masterplanning half of Manchester, his firm’s softball team is cleaning up in the architects’ league. “We’re on a bit of a roll,” says one source, referring to a 72-34 thrashing of Feilden Clegg Bradley, a 42-12 defeat of ironmonger Allgoods and a nail-biting 32-30 victory over Sheppard Robson. Terry is no doubt waiting for the inevitable grudge match with Grimshaw.

Separated at birth?
Separated at birth?
Building columnist John Smith ... and the Addams Family's Uncle Fester

Stand up for your passions

Griff Rhys Jones loves old buildings. The presenter of the Restoration series was on hand to toast the completion of Greig + Stephenson floral hall for Borough market south London, complete with wrought-iron portico rescued from Covent Garden. His verdict? “The best building I’ve seen since Cliff Richard’s place in Barbados.” Griff obviously misses being a comedian.

Lame excuse
As Jarvis limps along, so does its former boss, Paris Moayedi. “I've just had an operation on my knee,” the little soldier tells me. “I can barely walk at the moment.” Paris blames his troubles on “years of misuse” – skiing, riding … running …

Meades redux
Jonathan Meades, auteur, scourge and Building columnist, has returned to our screens. Check out Abroad Again in Britain on Wednesdays 9.30pm, BBC 4, for rude songs, Victorian piles and startling insights into ecclesiastical architecture.

A rum do

A delightful day's sailing was had by industry luminaries on the Port Solent last week, courtesy of BW Interiors. Among those enjoying the fit-out firm's hospitality until late in the evening were two revellers who made the high spirited decision to jump overboard and swim to the distant shore. The captain became a tad anxious when they disappeared from his searchlight, and made a precautionary call to the coastguard to tell them to look for a couple of waterlogged corpses. Thankfully, everyone turned up on their boats the next day – though some were a little green around the gills. Seasickness, no doubt ...