I have worked in the construction industry for 19 years. I am currently a bid manager and consider my time on site as a QS and design co-ordinator to have provided essential experience to enable me to lead and manage bids. The experience has ensured that I have a comprehensive understanding of the risks involved in delivering a construction project.

On most occasions I was the only woman on site. Did this mean I couldn't manage subcontractors, for example? No, I don't think so. Did this mean I was never threatened with violence and sworn at like a man? No, it didn't. Did my feminine brain ensure that my eyes were clouded with fluff and make it impossible for me to read a drawing? No it didn't.

Can you please ask Ray O'Rourke to expand on his throwaway comments before he enrages all the women within the industry. It's time that building sites had more women on them - every woman that I have worked with in the construction industry has been highly efficient and possibly a threat to most ordinary men. We are thorough, logical and reliable, without being overconfident. Women don't do bullshit.

Jane Millington, Interserve