Warwick School for Boys is a comprehensive for 600 11-to-16-year-olds in a deprived area of east London. We are applying for engineering college status, under the government’s specialist schools programme. We believe this will give our students a relevant education for the 21st century and develop a body of school leavers with a knowledge of construction and engineering.

To gain specialist status, we have to complete two tasks. First, we have to produce a document outlining our plans for the future. This is now available for inspection.

Our second task is to raise £50,000 in sponsorship, which will be matched by central government. This sponsorship can be in cash or in the form of goods or services. So far, we have raised £10,000.

In return, we can promote a sponsor by including its logo in our prospectus, ensuring that the local press mentions its contribution in any articles on the new school or by designating a room or suite of rooms in its name.

Additionally, we will be setting up a “wall of fame” in the new school displaying the names of those who have made a contribution.

We are also interested in building links with engineering and construction companies, with a view to visits, lectures and possible joint projects with our students.

If any of your readers feel that they can help us in any way, please contact me by telephone at the school on 020-8520 4173 or by email at nbell42@aol.com.

Nigel Bell, bid co-ordinator, Warwick School for Boys, east London