I read with some amusement about the power struggle between CSCS and the CITB (26 November, page 24).

The views of John Smith more than adequately reflect the real world. Despite the willingness of many legitimate contractors and specialist contractors to apply the scheme, the whole thing will degenerate into even more of a farce than it is now if CSCS and the CITB don’t get their acts together soon.

The overall picture seems to suggest that those charged with appointing the assessors are in short supply and, worse, don’t know what they are supposed to be doing; the technical colleges don’t know what they are doing; and those that do have no money to fund themselves. Nobody I have met working for a main contractor seems to know, and this continues up the food chain to the squabbling CSCS and CITB.

God help us all when the government tries to impose an identity card on us!