You can’t believe your luck! You’ve been given a meaty project to undertake entirely from the comfort of your own home. No battling with public transport, no rising at the crack of dawn, no working late. Here’s how to actually get some work done.

Put on some clothes

No matter how great it feels to phone work your ’jamas – don’t. It won’t put you in the right frame of mind. Plus, if a courier calls you’ll hide and pretend you’re not in.

Go for an early morning run

A good way to get your brain functioning. If you can’t manage strenuous exercise first thing in the morning, after getting dressed go outside, close the front door and go back in again while bemoaning public transport, so you feel you’re ready for work

Have a calm, tidy work space

You’ll find it impossible to work surrounded by clutter. Its easy to find anything to do instead of sitting at your desk, so make sure you’ve allotted a particular area for work. Also, try to maintain a tidy home outside working hours so you don’t sprint from your desk at the drop of a hat.

Don’t tell anyone

Your friends and family will assume “working from home” is a euphemism for bunking off. You’ll be bombarded by phone calls from friends bored at work or people popping around for a cuppa.

Screen your answer phone and keep a low profile.