Feeling bad about indulging in Christmas consumerism? You could assuage your guilt by opting for Present Aid instead of frivolous gifts

There’s always one do-gooder in the office. He’ll be rattling tins under your nose while reminding you how lucky you are as opposed to some poor mite who’s got half a farthing to his name.

You’ve made a mental note of how much all your Christmas presents are going to cost and have decided that you can spare exactly 10p.

Come on, scrooge features, charity begins at home, as they say, so if you don’t want to fork out yourself ask those who are buying you presents to consider Present Aid. This way the money they would have spent on you goes towards buying an ox in Africa or a turkey in Tajikistan.

Okay so you won’t actually get any presents, but think of the kudos… oh and the karma.