I read with interest your leader and article about quantity surveyors’ frustration with the RICS (7 May, page 3 and 9). I, too, have concerns about how it is run

I am an equity partner in a smallish firm of QSs and project managers and I feel frustrated, especially when my £400-plus subscription is paid each year.

A few weeks ago a courier delivered to our offices a large box containing 25 copies of a glossy and bulky RICS magazine called Exchanged - The Definitive Guide to Moving Home. We do not have much call for magazines to help clients when they move house. This magazine is clearly for customers of estate agents with high street offices.

We realised they were sent to us in error, so made contact with the RICS twice explaining this and asking for the box to be collected. On both occasions, we were promised calls back, but they never came and the box is still here. We will now be recycling the magazines.

So, why am I cross? If this financial waste reflects the wider attitude of the RICS, how many thousands of members’ subscriptions are wasted? My observation is probably petty, but it sums up how I and many other members perceive how the RICS is run.

Mark Saint