RICS is a prestigious body with a mark of professionalism the world over. To this end we should embrace the spirit of inclusiveness – which is the basis of globalisation and innovation

As the saying goes, “a tree cannot make a forest”, so let’s stay with the Construction Industry Council to keep this profession on a good course.

With respect to the assoc RICS route to full chartership status, I want to say emphatically that although I encourage experienced colleagues to join the institution, efforts should also be made by them to get the relevant degrees before becoming full members. Schooling these days has been made easy in that you can still obtain your degree without giving up work.

So, we must stress the need to have these qualifications and the knowledge that comes with it before we confer full RICS membership.This is because it broadens our minds on different subject matter, gives us the confidence to act as RICS ambassadors anywhere and most importantly gives us an all-round knowledge, which is what the institution needs in order to stay relevant in the information age.

EO, via www.building.co.uk