With its CDM webinar and awards coverage, nobody could accuse the Building website of not taking health and safety seriously. But that doesn’t mean there’s no room for humour.

Browsing through clips on YouTube the other day I came across what appeared to be a test for sackbarrow drivers. The video showed a worker in full personal protective equipment loading up a sackbarrow and carefully pushing it through a slalom of road cones. Observing him at a safe distance was a man with a clipboard who appeared to be inspecting the worker’s cornering technique. On completing the task the worker stood to attention and awaited the inspector’s remarks.

If this all sounds rather unlikely, then it’s probably because the video is in all likelihood a spoof – its subtitle “Health and safety gone mad” suggesting it may have been posted by a disgruntled worker. As a plethora of clips will testify, YouTube isn’t big on health and safety.

Look how it takes those corners …
Look how it takes those corners …

Although I wouldn’t want to condone the actions in questions, a little joviality may not always be a bad thing. As one of the respondents in our webinar on CDM regulations said: “CDM is a dry subject at the best of times. A few more examples of cock-ups would sharpen the attention.” I hope that the popularity of Building’s own safety blunders will help to prove his point.

Health and safety is ubiquitous on the website this week. In addition to the webinar, at www.building.co.uk/cdmwebinar, we have the shortlist for Building’s Health and Safety awards, which are being held on 21 June.

Alex Smith is Building’s web editor