I have been in the building trade for nearly 30 years and have lost count of how many thousands of pounds I have been swindled out of by rogue customers

I am their best friend when they want their extras, but when the bills they agreed to come in and they have to pay for them, they turn. They make you feel guilty when all you have done is what they asked you to do. Then they become experts who tell you it has not been done right and was overpriced.

It all saddens me; I have hundreds of happy customers so I can’t be that bad a builder but increasingly more people are conning us hard-working, honest – and, I think – underpaid builders. I certainly do not drive a Jag, or live in a seven-bedroom house like most of the public think. Most weeks I am happy just to be able to pay the bills. Let’s hope we get some justice. We are not all bad.

A Bunker