The news that Jarvis chairman and former London Mayor pretender Steven Norris has snapped up £21,640 worth of shares in the company was greeted with a weary yawn in the City.

It would have been a different story 18 months ago, before the well-documented woes of the company took a backseat to the global financial meltdown.

So, does the fact Norris has put his money where his mouth is mean things can now only get better for the rail specialist?

Directors have bought shares in the past that have proceeded to head south, of course. Take Mark Clare at Barratt. And, er, Steven Norris at Jarvis.

One analyst was clearly not convinced and called the company a one-trick pony that blames its only client, Network Rail, when things go wrong.

Another thinks it might be the quiet start of something beautiful and said he'd take a punt himself at 10p a share if he was allowed.

"Jarvis has fallen off the radar screen because it got so small, " he said, citing the small number of meetings the group had with investors after its results last month. "They had two or three where they would have had 20 or 30 this time last year."

He points to £35m of debt and a few problem contracts in its plant division but says otherwise they are undervalued.

So, will investors learn to trust the company again?

It sounds like they'll probably have to be reminded of its existence first.