Alistair Darling’s Budget announcement of £405m for “energy efficiency” spending is peanuts (24 April, page 12)

South Korea is committed to spending 80% (£23bn) of its recovery stimulus on “green” infrastructure. Although the UK and Korea may face different challenges, the Korean government is committed to becoming a world leader in a range of areas including energy efficient buildings.

To ensure that our £405m creates the right market conditions for the UK to become a leader in energy-efficient technologies we must ensure that the planning system is fit for purpose. Streamlining the process for consumers is essential if we are to kickstart energy-efficient homes. A good start would be for the government to throw its weight behind the Green Energy Bill to be debated in parliament on 8 May to pave the way for a “green” industry of the future.

Paul Roche, director, SIG Sustainable Products