I would like to bring to your attention the worrying practice of organisations that fill the CDM co-ordinator (CDMC) role on projects at fee levels that cannot facilitate the proper delivery of the CDMC function

Although I accept that economic conditions may necessitate organisations “trimming” fee levels to operate as efficiently as they can, the level of some fees at the present time is just not sustainable.

The ethos of the CDMC role is to be an integral member of the project delivery team and a key adviser to the client. If organisations submit such low fees and clients accept them, this just cannot happen. “Best value” does not mean cheapest price!

I ask that the HSE, APS, CIC, CONIAC, RIBA, RICS, ICE, and any other professional organisation, particularly those that are client-led, and which have an interest in the construction industry debate and discuss this issue openly.

Malcolm Shiels, associate director, regional chair, APS Northern Region