Having read that the largest construction lawsuit in UK history has finally reached an end (“Final whistle for £253m Wembley row”, 25 June, page 9), it never ceases to amaze me that contractors still have inadequate project control measures in place to avoid such situations

The Multiplex and Mott MacDonald legal row could have been completely avoided. Software could have created an audit trail from day one, giving Multiplex complete access to various iterations of the engineering designs so it could bid accordingly. The right software would even have ensured compliance with the agreed contractual processes and approvals.

Contentious problems must be identified at an early stage through greater transparency. This will avoid the troublesome situation where a problem is left until it’s too late and everyone involved has too much to lose.

There’s a dire need for the industry to learn a lesson from this; it needs to recognise it is possible for such legal battles to be eradicated altogether, saving phenomenal costs.

Colin Smith, chief executive officer, BIW Technologies