Favourite website?

Golfshake.com - to keep track of my score, which unfortunately is not going the right way.

iPhone/BlackBerry/Android. Which side are you on?

Definitely Android - open source is the future.

Where do you hang out?

Again, Golfshake.com, to wallow in pity with other sufferers, or, when feeling geeky, on the PC Pro forums discussing my latest PC build.

Most played music file?

I usually listen to science/tech podcasts, but Eminem’s Lose Yourself works at the gym.

Favourite app?

Nike+ iPod - connected to my trainers to measure, record and improve my gym work.

Will you buy an iPad?

It would have been a “no” two months ago, but I’m considering getting one for internet TV in the bathroom (for the wife!)


Mark Taylor is database and electronic marketing manager at Knauf Insulation