Mace’s head of BIM likes to send out culinary tweets, wishes he had a ‘Hackintosh’ and stays away from Facebook

Doctor David Philp

What is your favourite website?

The UK BIM Task Group’s website for all things Level 2 BIM; then again I am quite biased! Also does some great data visualisation

What is your worst digital habit?

Tweeting pictures of my culinary creations on a Saturday morning; that and lazy punctuation on digital devices.

iPhone/Blackberry/Android. Which side are you on?

iPhone both aesthetically beautiful and so user friendly (wish I had one)

Are you into social networking? (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook etc)

Indeed very much so; “Twitter” is the new punk: @ThePhilpster and Linkedin: Facebook is not for me, yawn!

If you are on Twitter, who do you recommend to follow?

@StephenHamilNBS great commentary on industry events with some nice supporting snaps

What is your favourite app?

TED - Ideas worth spreading (Better than watching X-factor).

What is your preferred means of communication? (eg. Email, phone, face to face, text etc)

It’s still all about people so face to face, with Twitter a close second.

What did you last buy online?

Tickets for Lego Land

PC or Mac?

PC but actually a “Hackintosh” would be my preference

Guilty pleasures: Most played tunes from iTunes/Spotify?

Deacon Blue, Style Council and some Verdi.

Professor David Philp is head of BIM at Mace and head of the UK BIM Task Group