This week

What websites do you visit?

I regularly check the stock market website to see how building shares are doing. I only have shares in Waterman but it’s interesting to gauge how others are performing.

What’s the last thing you bought online?

A load of power tools to repair my house. And my wife uses Waitrose online.

Do you tweet?

Listen, I’m just not into any of that. I’m too old.

What’s in your digital holster?

A digital camera. I’m really into photography and they are fantastic now compared to what they were five years ago. I have my own 20-acre nature reserve in West Sussex and love taking pictures of the wildlife.

Do you take your BlackBerry on holiday?

No, I don’t even have a BlackBerry any more. I got pissed off with the damned thing because it was taking me over. I’m the only one in the company not to have one but I do take my computer with me, which I can use more sensibly.