Are you into social networking?

Absolutely - I like the immediacy of it. I’m ridiculed for being glued to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and foursquare.

What’s your favourite app?

Our LessEn app, of course. It shows the actual energy efficiency of buildings. I’m proud that we’ve made something invisible more engaging.

What is your preferred means of communication?

Talking face to face - I’m a very animated speaker so I still wave my arms around when I’m on the phone!

What digital games do you play?

I’m famously an Angry Birds addict. My friends actually made me a playable cake for my birthday - it was 1.5m long and the entire pub got involved in catapulting the marzipan birds to destroy it.

Favourite digital gadget at home?

My 3G Kindle keeps me sane on business trips.


Alexandra Notay is VP strategic programmes at the Urban Land Institute