iPods, Wikipedia and a good malt whisky

What’s your favourite gadget?

I’ve got an iPod, but it’s from the iTouch generation so it does video and so on. I’d like to own an iPad but I’m too mean to buy one!

BlackBerry, Android or iPhone?

An android… It’s a HTC smartphone. It’s good for photography and data management.

What’s your TV choice?

Come Dine With Me on Channel Four is always entertaining… but the boring side of me loves BBC4 for documentaries on history and design.

You won’t catch me watching Grand Designs - Kevin McCloud’s shtick is wearing a bit thin. The “will they won’t they” formula grinds a bit!

What is your worst digital habit?

Browsing the internet to answer any questions whatsoever; relying on Wikipedia even though it’s all made up.

What did you last buy online?

A nice malt whisky from Islay. I’ve got family up there and I’m a big fan of the whiskies there.

Bruce Kennedy is an Architect director at BDP