What’s your favourite meeting place?

I spend far too much time on Twitter (twitter.com/fatcharlesh). It is interesting how it throws up random architecture conversations.

I've almost given up on Facebook except for viewing pictures of other people’s babies, which there are a lot of.

What’s your favourite iTune?

Stillness Is The Move by Dirty Projectors. Any fun home entertainment systems?

My daughter has a Nintendo DS, and my wife wants a Citroen DS which is a kind of analogue car.

What’s in your digital holster?

Slightly battered BlackBerry pearl, iPod nano, 13” MacBook Pro and a digital camera on occasion. Plus some bullets.

What technology do you use at work?

As I get older I use less and less. The wrong answer for this column I realise. I tend to get more and more analogue in terms of work output. Sketching and writing are increasingly all I’m allowed loose on. I have also been known to use the telephone.