“What’s on your iPod?” iPod, get with it daddy-O. iPods are for luddites

What’s on your iPod?
I ditched my iPod a long time ago in favour of an iPhone. I’ve overloaded my iPhone with music – far too much to ever listen to! At the moment I’m mostly listening to Ben Harper and The Black Keys, and also streaming BBC Radio 6.

BlackBerry or iPhone?
I have a BlackBerry for work and my own personal iPhone. The BlackBerry rarely gets used beyond making calls now. Much prefer the iPhone.

What are your favourite social networking sites?
I use Facebook and Twitter. They are equally as distracting and I’ve found myself at times posting inane drivel on both. However, for work, Twitter is a great tool for spreading information. I try to post regularly on what is going on in the world of energy efficiency.

What are you watching online?
Mostly the news. Although I was recently caught watching the Inbetweeners on 4 on Demand.

Darren Shirley is the sustainable homes campaign manager at WWF-UK