What’s on your iPod?

A real mix of my seventies and eighties favourites such as Genesis, Santana, Supertramp, Pink Floyd, Jools Holland and the like.

More recent stuff includes Pendulum, Keane, Jack Johnson, James Morrison, Rodrigo y Gabriela and Snow Patrol, who were amazing live at the Albert Hall earlier this year.

What’s your favourite website?

YouTube. What a brilliant showcase for human ingenuity and diversity, from the plain mad to the hilarious “Death Star Canteen” Star Wars sketch by Eddie Izzard acted out by Lego men.

Do you take your BlackBerry on holiday?

Yes, but wouldn’t risk my marriage by turning it on except in dire emergency!

Favourite digital gadget at home?

On impulse I bought an iPad the other day. A cool looking piece of kit that’s handy at home but I haven’t had the courage to use it in public in case I get mugged!

David Hitchcock is head of building consultancy at CB Richard Ellis